I have no idea what to do with myself

Found out yesterday that I will have New Years weekend free and this morning the unofficial word is that I will have all of next week off. Beside some shows and family stuff on Christmas I have nothing planned. Now if I was sitting on some cash I would either go up to the Bay or even Vegas, but NOoooooo I'm poor until next month. grr.

Anyhow this is it so far:
Fri 12.23.05 @ Knitting Factory -- Los Abandoned
FREE with flyer --- $10 without it.

Tues: 12.27.05 @ Knitting Factory --- The Naturals

Fri 12.30.05 @ Knitting Factory Alterknit Lounge $ 8
Katie the Pest
Red Pony Clock

I think there is free Pu$$yCow show on Sun 1.01.06 at Canters.

What to do? Hit a couple shows of course, but I really don't like that to be the highlight of my vacation. Anyone want to go kite flying in Venice?


  1. The Naturals!!! I'm so excited for their show sometimes I wonder about my priorities... I can't wait ;)

  2. You should blog your ass off!
    Day and Night 2-4/7.


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