Damn, I lost the bet

I guess my little (31 yrs old) sister got herself engaged.

If you knew my sister, you would immediately realized how crazy that sentence sounds.
Miss I'll do it alone, Career First, Fuck Love sister...Yeah that one. Anyhow we all grow up and if we're lucky meet the right one like I believe she has, so I'm happy for her and this guy is pretty darn cool even though he's from Texas.

Wait a second. Where is this going happen? Northern California? Texas? Rhode Island where they're currently stationed?

They're both wacky, not rich, non-traditional musicians, so maybe I can convince them on having it in Vegas. It will be centrally located for the Texans and Californians, multiple options on having it at a cheesy chapel or a nicer one inside a major casino. I've been to both kinds and was actually impressed with the wedding mill at Excalibur.

The booze, gambling and strip clubs will be major selling points too, but for me its "Hello Star Trek Experience, here I come!"


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