This week was alright

I haven't written about the shows I've gone to lately, but the last couple nights have been memorable for different reasons. Tuesday was the last Kiss or Kill of the year with a prom night theme, meaning cute dresses, wacky suits, and great prom pictures.

These are of Jason Pancake with the Randies, Tara & Emma of The Makeout Bandits, Laurita Randie, Kelly from the Dollyrots, and then Sean+Julia with Omega and CeCe of So Unloved and just a cute one of them together (they run the Punk Rock Social-live).

Some random things from that night that I might have done or seen:

Seeing pretty much every girl that I've had a crush or infatuation over the last two years all in one room. Oh my god, didn't DG looked great that night?
Lost a staring contest I initiated.
Tried talking to a social friend with a hug/hello, how are you and then she was done dealing with me. I looked at her, she looked back and then looked away to scan the room.
I stood there for a couple seconds, and said Uh. Oh okay then and walked away.
Guess we don't have conversations anymore.

The bands were amazing, bouncing off the energy of the room, enjoying the fun themselves. I missed the first half of Midway, caught most of Silver Needle, but Bang Sugar Bang really cheered me up. Porterville got everyone bouncing next and I finally saw a full set of the Randies new lineup. The sound has a lot more scratchy guitars, the drums needed to be tighter IMO, but there is definitely a new vibe in that band now for better or worse. They ended the set in a rumble ala Midway, but added blood pouches for a more violent effect. A bit surreal actually.

On Thursday headed out to Mr T's bowl for the The Power Cords (uber Rentals poppy), the Dollyrots and Get Set Go. Seriously some of the best sets I've ever seen from these bands in a long time.

Okay thats it.

Oh I did try to sell two of my female friends to an weird old guy for five bucks.
They didn't like that all too much.


  1. You missed a good show at the Echo last night (Sat 10)... A small crowd for No Sex Just Dancing and a pretty decent one for Simon Dawes, who (though not my type of music, I like a little more rock) were actually really good (hanging on to their reputation). Who ever their lyrist is is amazing!

    Oh and the Naturals have a show on the 27th I think... But I'd avoid it, you won't be missing very much but a bunch of mini-wannabe-hipsters. We go for the band and hold our breath ;)


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