Overheard at the north pole

I don't talk about my kids for various reasons but since it is December, they are even more of a focus of my life with their birthdays falling in the last two weeks (19th & 27th) of the month.

So it's double the shopping, double the spending, with stress about limited funds sprinkled on top of going along with the extra holiday traditions we are required to attend to. The drive through the holidays lights if Griffith Park, frosted green sugar cookies, and the trip to Santa's lap for confession. I'll have to admit though, they are the only reason the holidays are enjoyable for me otherwise I wouldn't have put myself through the Let's go see Santa hell a couple weeks ago at Travel Town where I was treated to this minor exchange while waiting to pick up our photos:

Kid: Are you going to give Mommy a copy?

Dad: Um no. I'm just buying one for me.

Kid: Why not?

Dad: Mommy could buy her own photos when she takes you guys to see Santa.

Dad (under his breath): That's what child support is for.

He appreciated my knowing chuckle as I scooted by to retrieve my picture. For what I paid, this photo is sooo coming out in twenty years when my son brings a date home for the holidays.


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