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Last Sat @ 4.30 pm
Corey: What are you doing?
Me: Sitting on my couch watching TV.
Corey: Are you planning on doing that the whole night?
Me: I was thinking about taking a shower sometime before 5pm and maybe a quick jaunt to the 99 for some cleaning supplies.
Corey: The what?
Me: The 99. The 99 Cent store. My home away from home.
Corey: And this sounds like fun to you?
Me: Um, it kind of does.

I was convinced to go see Rob Z and Nova's comedy thingy with Corey and Ashley, deciding to eat at Highland Grounds before the show started there. Another well known cafe/bar/restaurant that I had never been to in Los Angeles that I can cross of my list.

While the food selection was nothing fancy, the "Dream" pizza was yummy according to my friends and my hamburger was pretty darn good. What had me yum yumming about was the seasoned fries (on the spicy side) and thick ranch dressing that went with it. Thrown down my throat with a couple of Coronas, it hit me perfectly that night.

The show was a half hour mixture of live and taped skits which I would've found more amusing if I wasn't waiting outside alone for my check during the first twenty minutes or not scrunched up in the hallway with stupid college girls walking in and out five times in ten minutes.
They weren't even that good looking either.


The Honey Pot joked about some 12 yr old girls running around the patio giving out blow jobs out back when I chimed in to the obvious presence of "dicks galore" in this Hollywood-ish parking lot.
It wasn't funny I know, but she laughed and I'll take it.

Brief yummy eye contact with a stranger* or two. Meaningless seconds that I will take too. *myspace is great for stalking cute friends of friends btw.

Paige and Little Sister showed up, both not looking like their ages (20 & 16 respectively) and at one point this older dude started chatting them up. They were polite and tried not pay too much attention to him (he was being very nice and normal) but disappointed me by not pulling the age card out.

Why couldn't they say they had to go home and study for a final, then the older guy would ask if they went to SC with all the other lame ass girls there that night and Little Sister would answer I go to so and so High School. Older guy freaks outs. The end.

He eventually got a clue and left, but I so wanted to see that look of Oh My F##k'ing God, Jail Bait! Dive! Dive!

Now that would’ve been funny.


  1. Let the record show I did not use the "c..." word. But I would agree.

    That is all.


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