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I can't say my job in the nutraceutical vitamin industry is as time consuming nor as fun as xTx's job, who makes toys (Toys! That's not even a real industry, let alone a real demanding job is it?), but I've been plenty busy myself lately and yes I'm like five days behind on this snarky remark.

blah blah, kind of loses its snarkiness with age.

So I skipped the first night of the Safari Sam's opening, deciding it not worth the gas for the hour or two left of the bill when I wasn't ready to head out until 10.30 pm. Heard it had a great turn out (even with a more harder rock lineup) but honestly I'm glad I stayed up to 4 am online at home. Oh wait, no I'm not.

This is what Safari Sam's had so far when I was there Saturday: the restaurant, the bar, a rented big, cool looking sound board thingy with pretty lights and knobs, the stage, and four dollar budweisers. It'll be awhile as they try to recoup the money they lost with the delays to finish (or start on) the upstairs and the patio, which will greatly help give it a reason for existing. Basically what you got now is a good size warehousey room with great sound and nothing special in LA or any city terms at this point. The staff and security seem very helpful though (not surly or snobby) and as they say the place has lots of potential.

The upstairs - if it ever gets done. Right now there are black curtains covering everything.

View as you enter. Riser is not there, upstairs covered as mentioned before.

View from bar looking at stage. Yup pretty much it.

If you're wondering what I did differently on Easter Sunday than on a regular Sunday, I brushed my teeth with bubblegum toothpaste.

I wasted my regular toothpaste and all my Easter potential.

I didn’t talk about the Kiss or Kill show at the Key Club a couple weeks ago so I'll save those thoughts for another time.

Related question: Does being there at that time make me a "whorish hipster" too?


FYI – old news

Say farewell to one of my favorite band names.
The band Vagenius is changing their name to Hello Stranger.

Related: I’m legally changing my name to Penile-tard.
Scratch that. Sir Peniletard

Stupid, I know.


  1. I tease because I would rather have your job.

    Yeah for a small company (not leiner) - I handle a regional line for pharmacies.

  2. I think she may be asking if "you" make the vitamins as in yourself, not some guy you talk to in the morning that says "hey I gotta get back to making those vitamins"

    .....and how the hell do you know if the big sound thingy is rented?

  3. Fine Corey I never "made" the vitamins with my hands - just set up an inventory system on/offline, sourced RMs, formulated a few products, created pack specs blah blah, but never used an encapsulator or anything like that.

    Most mornings I more or less beg, plead and bribe production to squeeze my stuff in these days.

    Fine I don't "know" if that board was rented or not, but the fact that it sits in a giant travel case is a good sign that it's not a permanent fixture. Since so much money was lost in the delays, I'm guessing that it would make more sense to lease out that kind of a equipment.

  4. Anonymous9:13 AM

    You've inspired me. I'm changing my name from Deadpan to Jesus H. Macy.

  5. Anonymous12:43 PM

    if you can even really call them vitamins...

    gee, robert. you make your job sound WAY more intense than it actually is. we both know what really happens at work...

  6. Yes, we use to float makeshift boats out of bottles and caps in the gutters when it rained.


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