Ironing is for men

Step 1: Following instructions for a T-shirt transfer aka iron-on, I placed a large sheet over my kitchen table to create the ironing things on fabric location. Instructions actually called for a pillow case not realizing that I have two such things in my possession and they're both on pillows.

Step 2: Warm iron up for 5 min.s - no steam.
Step 2.5: Realized I over dialed past the non-steam setting to the off placement and the heat did not engage. Repeat heat did not engage - wait 5 more minutes.

Step 3: Iron sheet, then iron blank shirt on previously ironed sheet. Boring but note kick ass craftsman automotive tool cart-shed Xmas gift from the ex-in-laws.
  • Consider: I do not work on cars
  • Consider: This is in my kitchen and not in my garage

  • Step 4:
    Using two hands blah blah - iron it already.
    Step 5: Peel off backing when cool to the touch

    Step 5.5:
    It will be cool to touch after two minutes, not before fucktard.

    Step 6:
    Run hand under water to diminish that flesh burning sensation

    Step 7:
    Peel off and enjoy kick ass shirt!

    Thanks to deadpan for letting me steal his artwork and xTx for her post that inspired this.


    1. funny as fuck and that RULES!

      I'll take an extra large please!!!!

    2. Anonymous12:37 PM

      A tip of my jauntily-angled hat to you, sir.

    3. hey there a way for you to send me that image file so I can somehow incorporate it into my sidebar?


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