She's Your Sister

"we're from chicago. we play rock music."

The quote above, taken from their promo cd, simply sums up the great band that I'd finally caught up with on Tuesday night at Zen Sushi.

Though the first two bands that night were uninspiring enough not to stay for their whole sets, I'd planned on giving SYS my full attention even if they were just so-so live. I already knew that people liked them personally but had yet to hear how good they actually were as a band.

Well I was completely blown away (so cliché, I know).
Besides having the obvious great songs and talent to play them, the band did a couple things that are big pluses for me: An intense set no matter how small the crowd and I love it when the band members seem to enjoy the songs as much as playing them - singing along for themselves and not as backup.

This band made me very happy that night.

Stream/download from their myspace page or website
Or if you're lazy:
Betray the Sadness mp3
Gravity mp3


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  2. ha. I'm trying to make it less boring by actually posting again ;)

    seriously I've been hella busy at work and still not fully rested up from my vacation. My fault for going out so much lately.


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