my morning so far

6 AM
Doing 80 mph
Drinking coffee
Driving past this truck

Equals near spit-take and early death.


  1. one of my life dreams is to own a Culver City Meat Co tshirt.

  2. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Apparently, that slogan is pretty common among butchers. My father ran a small newspaper before I was a twinkle in his pants. He told me his first advertiser was a buthcer that used that exact slogan in his ads. I've seen it numberous times since. Anyway, it's a lie. You can totally beat a butcher's meat.

  3. Yeah this is what I'm hearing.

    I lived a sheltered butcher free life growing up sadly. Well there was Mel from the Brady Bunch...everybody came to his shop to partake in his meat except for Alice.

  4. Anonymous11:29 AM

    My morning so far....

    get up at 9:00am
    watch some fox morning show..

    9:45am cook some eggs...

    10:00am turn on computer...
    10:02am read some stupid blog....
    10:05am Shoot myself from the boredom


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