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There is a billion things to see and do in Los Angeles-ish.
These are more for me than you, so feel free to skip.

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Friday 4.28.06

New Maximum Donkey @ Mr T's Bowl = fun fun fun

Kiss or Kill @ Safari Sams
-The Power Cords 9:30-10
-The O.A.O.T.'s 10:15-10:45
-So Unloved 11-11:30
-Get Set Go 11:45-12:15
-Cake Cutter 12:30

Powerchords @ Santa Fe Cafe (Fullerton train station) - free - on the train platform.

Don't know how many of you make it out to Fullerton (in the OC..the North OC oh my), but there is great old lounge bar called The Continental Room worth visiting. Crowded on the weekends, but the weeknights are better with dressed up bartenders and performers such as a Fat Elvis, and soon to be playing shows again I hope,
    The band teasingly plays against a backdrop of electronic loops, samples and soundscapes, blurring the lines completely to captures its audience at every turn. It is a well-choreographed sideshow where slide guitars co-exist with laptop computers, vocal melodies drift into jazz scats, and upright bass lines morph into synth grooves.
Sunset Room @ myspace
main site with downloads and stuff

Great music to drink a martini to.

Now next week is just crazy if I actually do these things. We all know I'm going to be sitting at home myspace stalking watching Antiques Roadshow.


Midway (9pm) returns to the scene of the crime: The Silverlake Lounge where I'm proud to say that I was present for Midway's worst show ever. Free with The Mormons (10Pm) and resident band for the month, Ninja Academy (11pm).

In lesser odds of attending due to distance mostly:

Tuesday: Jessica Dobson at the Prospector - LBC $3 @ 11pm 21+

Wednesday: Mellowdrone
with Monsters Are Waiting opening
Detroit Bar - surprising not in Detroit but Costa Mesa
Only 6 bucks. This uber buzz hipster band combo makes it worth the drive from LA

Friday May 5th
Cinco de Mayo means absolutely nothing to me other than a little event I attended 10 years ago (!) at the Crocker Mansion in Hillsborough. In retrospect I should've skipped the event and went straight to the afterparty. I kid.

Kiss or Kill at the Key Club
The PiƱata Pit - Kiss or Kill's Cinco de Mayo ExtraFIESTAganza!

Underwater City People/The Randies/The Rainman Suite welcome home from tour bash!

-The Rainman Suite 12:30
-The Randies 11:45-12:15
-Porterville 11-11:30
-Silver Needle 10:15-10:45
-Underwater City People 9:30-10
-Eject 8:45-9:15
-Diva International 8-8:30
--(From Germany - as heard on Indie 103.1's Passport Approved)

I'm soo not going to that - Instead I'm going to check out the bog people disco party at the natural history museum that caroline wrote about. That's a lie - I have things to do that night but I'll see the bog people at a normal hour later.

bog people = yum.


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