I'm back here on this blog which might or might not have something to do with various folks telling me how boring my blog has become and they had un-bookmarked me.

Ouch and that was coming for one my ex-girlfriends that lives up in the Bay Area. All the effort I put in pleasuring her, giving her flowers, and a hot post* I might or might not have written about her. Gees I even listened to her talk for hours and she un-bookmark-ed me?

Ha, payback...but she did have a point; it has been quite boring around here lately. The reality is that I lost a whole week in and around my trip (look - jellie pics) and then mixed that in with post vacation blues, and going out nearly every night instead of resting it out a bit.

Not that it hasn't been interesting at moments.
Hello pathetic flirting / neck kissing anyone?

Tuesday was at Zen Sushi which closed at 1am but a group of us were milling around, mostly amused by Chissum Worthington's nonstop talking until 2.30am. For those friends with me, did you realize that one stranger hanging out with us might or might not have been Anthony Rapp? As in I fucking love RENT Anthony Rapp and I'm not embarrassed to admit that, like um, some people who might try to distance themselves from their memorizing the soundtrack to "Beaches." admission.
Talk about retarded.

Thursday I planned to hit this (open bar) Scion sponsored video screening (open bar) for the band Monsters are Waiting (open bar) but instead spilt coffee in my car, on me, my seats, and into gaps that liquids probably shouldn't enter. I thought it wiser to hang out with Ashley instead while I came down from my caffeine high at Trader's Joe to buy a couple bottles of two buck chuck and be super excited by the foaming soap dispensers taking over the bathroom industry.

We crossed Hyperion afterwards where I ate Burrito King for the first time. Didn’t care for the beans and the burrito burned a hole in my stomach lining so all in all I would say it was pretty tasty. Finished that off with a bottle of wine for myself and a night on a couch.

Life might or might not = joy.
Pizza might or might not = joy.

* link dead - and if you did see it beforehand, it was a payback in a joking way, my friend already knew, and was cool with it too so get off my case.


  1. :::hangs head in shame::::

  2. Anonymous9:20 AM

    your ex-girlfriend sounds like a real bitch. =)


    that post was pretty hot....

  3. oh wait, those were flower stickers.

  4. Anonymous9:54 AM

    ummm, still nope! nice try though!

  5. Anonymous4:33 PM

    oh my god, it just occurred to me that people can read that post! YOU ASS!


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