raw and emotional

My friend Ashley summed up last night perfectly:

Deep Sea Diver, Jessica Dobson, Silverlake Lounge
    "I enjoyed the show because I forgot we were at a show. I forgot there was a stage, and lights, a bar, and people all around. I forgot *I* was there. I liked the show because she played open that which most try their whole lives to bury deep enough even they forget it's there. I think I like her music, but that SHOW was fantastic and had a thinly veiled rawness that I found tantalizing. It was everything that makes you feel alive."

We were at the Silverlake Lounge last night to see the amazing and everything seemed alright as she set up whenever I glanced away from the conversation with my friends.

She started with “Damaged Goods” then talked about the origin for the song “Panic Stricken” abouth the same time I moved off the high bench to move in closer, taking position in the back of the crowd. With a better view I began to wonder if she might be coming down with something since she looked a little scattered, the dizziness of fever maybe, but she didn’t mention any health deficiencies and continued on.

Separately my friend and I were starting to think she might be getting tearier with each song. By the last song it was obvious that she was holding back something - if just barely.

The more I think about that, the more I want to read for signs into her performance. Was it the new songs she was singing? I assume it was some factor outside the show, but I can tell you she played with more passion then the previous show I caught in January. The way she held her guitar, pulling back, eyes closed feeling each note progressively more working towards the end of the set.

I've been a fan of her music for awhile, loving the demos as much the fully fleshed out tracks with a backing band. Admittedly I might enjoy her music and live shows a little more than a first time listener, but with the most intensely personal performance I've ever seen from her it even my friends were stucked by the rawness of it.

Music can be streamed on her myspace page.


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