I'm happy

I'm happy. So happy.
happy happy,
happy cubed.
Happy bo bappy - Happy.

Happy to be moving but damn am I not stressed out this week. T-minus two weeks and I'm still looking for a place, still have to pack, still have to sell a bunch of appliances. grr

This isn't a real post btw.

Just busy these days you know.
Just tired from four hours of sleep naps every night, then back on the road by 5am for the last two weeks of these hour plus commutes. This makes me happy. I thought I would let you know.

Spent a few hours last night scouting rental locations in an attempt to thin my list in half. My last drive-by placed me in "Los Feliz" which actually means crappy street three blocks down from Sunset and Vermont.

By 7 pm I was napping in a fast food parking lot thinking about how close I'll be to places like Highland Grounds, my destination this night, once I move into Los Angeles proper. I curled up with my sweatshirt happy with this thought.

Seeing Bang Sugar Bang play a country-fied set was enjoyable; ending it with a country version of When in Rome's "The Promise" (youtube link) made me smile non-stop through the whole song (A normal BSB punk version to follow so say Matt). Next up were New Fidelity who put on a head bobbin' acoustic set and then Chissum's lyrical retardedness was a crowd pleaser. All very happy stuff.

After a few drinks and being a social smoker for the night I made my goodbyes to my friends and excuse me to a more than cute girl on the way out. Sometimes a cute girl smiles back at me. This makes me happy of course. Last night wasn't going to be sometimes.

My drive home felt long like I already knew it would.
This actually means I felt a little alone again. My guard was down.
I thought I would let you know.


  1. I like the video, almost as much as cute girl.

  2. Anonymous11:04 AM

    That's wack. You should leave some fuck in him.


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