this is not a post about moving

Yeah maybe a little about moving but I swear to (insert deity of choice) that this is it. I'm in pain, I have so much to unpack, and I don't want to think about it anymore. Stuff is piled four feet high with a narrow zig zag path from the kitchen to the bathroom and since my bed wasn't set up I ended up sleeping on the love seat. Not the most comfortable placed to sleep but it was that or the bathtub. Tonight I need to go through the boxes and find the one with my cat in it.

So thanks Corey, Ashley and Flaco for the help and support yesterday. Suckers.

Tonight's Show Pick - Free!

Mere minutes waking distance from me at the Echo (vs. driving 30 miles), the band I've wanted to catch for a while now The Softlightes (formerly know as the Incredible Moses Leroy aka Ron Fountenberry)will be playing.

They will be opening for the Australian band Van She.

(youtube link)

Ok if you sound like an 80s synth band do you really have to look like one and make a video highlighting this image? Do you want this throwback 80s style video to sum your livelihood? Your Art?

Um guys...replicating the 80s as closely as possible was so 2005.

Just saying. Maybe they'll be great; Must keep an open mind about these things. (Insert deity of choice) knows I have questionable taste in music.


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