megaphones are hot

Artist: Overnight Lows (myspace, website)
Song: The Breaks
(youtube link)

It is unabashedly commercial pop but so what.

A health combination of sound + image + showmanship might equal some mainstream success for this still maturing band in the near future. Having seen them live multiple times, I'm not too surprised by how good they come across in this video and it's not even an official "real" video to boot. promo clip.

This song reminds me of what I left out my first post about them: I love the use of the megaphone in the latter part of the song - not surprising for this fan of The Wonderstuff (wiki) days.

God I hate when I date myself like that.

Anyhow, next OLOWS show:
10.19.2006 Viper Room 10.30 pm 21+, free


  1. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Really? I love to date myself. But that's mostly because I put out.


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