things to do

1) I really should stopping napping in McDonald parking lots.

I was on my third scouting expedition for apartments last night and I think I found a wonderfully dumpy place in EP with a pretty kick ass view. This was the second time CB. I invited to tag along for company and her Nosey McNoserson tendencies which kick into near masturbatory joy at the opportunity to go through someones residence (empty or not), any door marked employee only, and your medicine cabinet.

2) I should thank Corey in advance in his help moving the refrigerator up that flight of stairs. I have such great friends.

The last time out with CB we grabbed a bite at the Bright Stop because I had never been there. This time coincided with my annual free Red Robin B-day burger / I'm getting too old to eat that make artery clogging food in one sitting. hello Mr superlicious Royal Red Robin Burger! Meet my mouth.

Sadly I had to go hang out in the Valley afterwards as my CB took care off some things leaving me with quality McDonald napping time. There doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to work, drive, pack, clean the house nightly for the Realtors. Yeah so I have strangers checking out my house and smelling my deodorant in the medicine cabinet while I was basically doing the same thing somewhere else.

Oh I on the way out to the Valley my front right tire started making a strange noise that I first thought was a flat but went gradually went away in couple minutes. In the dark I couldn't see anything caught up in the wheel well and the tire looked alright but when I got home (60 miles later) I found a nice 4 x 7 patch of inner tread missing.

3) I should probably do something about that.


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