the simple life

I cant tell you how happy I am with the thought of moving even though my choices are either a so-so neighborhood mere minutes from work (hawthorne, torrance) or a so-so neighborhood twenty minutes away (echo park or koreatown) but closer to my hangouts and people who are charitable enough to call me their friend.

Actually the choice is simple and I'm all about the simplification of my life right now. That and I can only afford simple.

Central air? Don't need it.
Private garage/parking space? For wimps!
Yard work? Overrated
Electricity? Not if I can locate the TV Pedaler

Well I think I just got tired of driving so much just a sleep in an area that offered very little to me. Give me culture, crowded sidewalks of life encounters, in person conversations over long distance calls and less of these material possessions I've accumulated over the years.

I'm such a hypocrite though. As I talked to Corey about selling off my washer / dryer / refrigerator / beds / couches I hear Glen ask in the background: "Is he selling his TV?'

Hell no! It might not be a fancy new flat screen, but there is no way I'm giving up my old 32" Sony trinitron baby. Sure it's heavier than my love seat but the colors come out so pretty on it.

Um who is going to help me move it anyhow?

Good thing I don't share friends with Caroline on Crack because I would have to start giving out BJs AND money just to compete with her "help me move" offerings:
    Afterward as a thank you, I will be providing pizza, maybe some Honey's Kettle chicken and beer at my new place as well as hugs and kisses and my undying gratitude.
I hear that Honey's kettle chicken is better than oral; pretty sure that's what she wrote.

Guess I'm upping my offer with all you can eat McChicken sandwiches.


  1. It really depends on WHO is giving the oral. But I'm all for getting the oral and eating Honey Kettle Chicken at the same time, be sure to include some hot sauce and those biscuits.

  2. so you're both agreeing to help me move right?

  3. Anonymous4:38 PM

    I agree with djcheesezombie, it depends on who's giving the oral. But in most cases, I'd pick Honey's Kettle chicken. Heh.


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