Oh Halloween v2.0

I want to be with you Halloween. I do.
Every year you come by and I never dressed up*.

I'm just not that into you.

*ok maybe once back when I smoked, wore glasses, and stuck a child's costume from IKEA on my head with a tie.

Last October sucked btw; It started off sucky, it ended sucky, but this month has ended on a definite up note. Nothing feels better than the joy which held me after an evening of moving furniture into a livable condition and to sit among my boxes staring at the Los Angeles skyline at night.

Afterwards I walked over to the Echo to see the Softlightes with their perfectly timed background video and the perfectly wonderful sounds they made. Not sure how to associate this with the performance , but word 'purposefully' popped into my head as I watched them play.

Not much for a review, but I was barely awake and dutifully left after their last song and went straight to bed. Do I feel bad for missing Van She, the Australian answer to Mister Mister I'd posted about yesterday? um nope.

Anyhow this Halloween is already better (though still lacking a costume) with a possible trip tonight to the LBC to see the Randies with The Oohlas open for Veruca Salt (for free. I like free) and then Ashley's party on the way back.

I have no ending for this post.
How about:
It took me a half hour to find my coffee cup this morning



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