I'm a little stressed out right now

How 'bout that LOST premiere last night?

No really, how was it because I fell asleep on the couch curled up in the fetal position. It's called the fetal position because when you're a fetus just kicking it in your mom's stomach (it's the stomach or wait...the lower intestines?? Whatever. Those place I've never seen) and well you're hanging out all curled up all fetal and shit. It's comforting; it's built into our genetic makeup at times of stress or damage. It's the default state - our safe mode on windows if you will.

Yeah so I fell asleep 15 minutes before the show came on without all my drivers loaded, dreaming of my special giant prehistoric tree branch where I overlook a French valley of tall grasses and beautiful streams. Wispy white clouds, mixed with coastal haze framed a race of mythical beasts below as I tried to get reception on my Treo.

I felt better this morning.

I'm suppose to go to Canters tonight. I was just there a few weeks ago when M + B came down to visit Me and Corey Disneyland and at my suggestion we would eat at Canters, drink at the Kibitz next door and catch a little bit of Steel (fading echo: steel, steel, steel, steel).

Been drunk at a Sunday Night* or two at the Kibitz before but never bothered to eat at Canters itself. My review: Overpriced and wasn't impressed with the pastrami - especially at that price - Give me half sandwich at Jerry's ($8) or better yet the whole thing at The Hat (only $6.50) with a bag of onion rings any time.

Damn now I have to go The Hat this weekend.

On this night a small crew was setup inside interviewing Rodney Bingenheimer (LA weekly article) at *his* booth by either nina hagen or was it the nina mtv vj chick.

We finished our meals and met up with Ms J. Pumpkin who unfortunately was leaning just for a split second on Rodney Bingenheimer's mint 67 GTO parked out front right at the same moment he came out to leave.

Luckily he didn't noticed as he quietly slid between us barely causing a ripple in the space time continuum and pulled away down Fairfax into the night.

* old weekly hangout of early kiss or killers - before my time


  1. Anonymous3:33 PM

    I've read a couple times (Times and Weekly, I think?) that Langer's Deli (Mid-Wilshire/MacArthur Park) is the way to go for pastrami -- possibly the best in the whole country, outranking even our deli-cious (get it?) friends on the East Coast. I've also heard the brisket sandwich is even better than the pastrami.

    For the record, I never actually touched the car. I WAS, however, pretending to dive onto it, which may be worse.

    Please go tonight! I'd love to see you!

  2. Anonymous3:37 PM

    I GET IT!

    and I don't know about touching it, but I did think that I remembered that you invisibly expolded his car before he drove off.

    or maybe it was right after

  3. jp, you're a drunk. you were so touching it ;P

    I still dream of the pastrami I had at katz in NYC. That was 1979.

  4. Anonymous11:31 PM

    Must've been before. I would never invisibly explode a car AFTER someone was in it, because that's dangerous. And RD, that's probably the first time in my life I've ever been called a drunk -- to which I say, "AWESOME!!"


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