4.40 am Rhode Island time

written 11.26.06
pics from the shop next door to the restaurant

I've been drinking a lot with the kids in wonderful Newport the last few days.
I like Newport and the small town feel it has.

My sister lives in a flat a few blocks from the beach in one direction and the main square in the other. The bars are Irish and the only decent salsa I had in Newport was most definitely birthed from a jar.

Speaking of salsa, we drove up to Providence tonight so my sister could get the best mango margarita in New England from some restaurant on Federal Hill that claimed to be "an authentic Mexican restaurant." Apparently this means salsa is in reality taco sauce. I've been so mistaken all these years!

Seriously wtf is up with food over here?

Random facts about Providence:

Downtown lofts in Providence start at $150,000 and top out at 455,000 or so.
You can lease to own these lofts.
The most happening night spot was Dave and Busters.

I wouldn't want to live in Providence either.


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