different words for different places

in reversed order

On the way up to the airport we stopped at the northbound side of the 24hr service stop on route 24 so I could grab something to eat at Burger King.
"I'll have the number 1 with no onions and heavy mayo"
"I'm sorry you wanted a number one, no onions and what was the last part?"
"Heavy mayo," I repeated the burger king jargon to the burger king employee.
"EXTRA mayo"
"I'm sorry.."
"Heavy on the mayo?" I couldn't understand the confusion as I spoke clearly with my Californian accent - the universal accent of television.
"Oh! you wanted heavy MAYONNAISE!"

ah the story of my life.

the night before

My last night was spent inside among family, my sister's friends, beers and a steaming plate of spaghetti. More beer needed to be picked up at a one of the friend's house in Middletown and I tagged along for the ride. On the return drive she took the scenic route where I was told this is where the real rich people of Newport lived and here are the beaches they visit far away from the tourists.

"I'm going to stop here and have another boagie."
"A cigar?"
"No, that's a stogie"
"Ah, oooh ok." Said with my 'you're a freak' look.

"What do you call cigarettes in California?"


We parked at First Beach/Surfers Cove and walked onto the sand where the tide came a 'skoche" too close. It was here along the cliffs and below the prep school I remembered what the stars looked like again and the warmth of a forehead against my neck.

In this moonlight, with Atlantic air I listened to her lips ask "Why did you wait so long to kiss me?"


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