part 2

ha. I just published that one line. oops

Family was coming over on Saturday and in desperate need of clean clothes I headed over to Lucy's to get my wash did. yeah did. Maybe it was the combination of being extremely tired and slightly spoiled with my own washer and dryer for the last ten years, that found me dazing at the detergent/bleach/softner slots on the top of the machine in tilted puppy head slight confusion. I must've said something out loud because the guys next to me was "Um, use number one." Here I am 34 years old and apparently commercial washers, like cute girls, intimidate me with all those slots and things.

So T came by @ 9am in a vehicle too big to find a parking space so she was dropped off as her significant other drove around for awhile. The thing with T... well I get to read crap in emails about anything I do in my life.

'You have been too engrossed in how shitty you think your life is for me to trust your judgment.'

Her splinter jab was blocked by my counter argument shield.

'I'm unclear as to what point you are trying to make here exactly.'

The best defense is confusion and denial.

Really now. At what point will she understand that, though less than ideal, I'm relatively happy with my little life now?


  1. Anonymous3:26 PM

    I find cute girl slots intimidating too.

    re: "At what point will she understand that, ...I'm relatively happy with my little life now"

    I'd assume that she knows ya well enough to know you're one of the folks who sometimes complains just cause... it's in your job description?... more than because you're at a heightened level of upset about something.


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