the good and the bad

Band: She's Your Sister
Song: Gravity
Why: because they rocked last night and you should vote for them in The YouTube Underground Contest.

The Good: drove up the 110, through The Slot into my apartment within 20 minutes. Sure beats the old 1.5 hr commute.

The Bad: Pancakes for dinner and coming down with a cold.

The Good: A kick ass set by She's Your Sister last night at the Key Club. They sound so much better live than that video above might leave you to believe.

The Bad: I knew better in my Bay Area days but why, oh why did I not curb my wheels last night? Stupid $15 ticket from the the fine city of West Hollywood. Yay.

The Good: Catching the first night of Great Northern's set at the Echo. I've had a few tracks in my music mix and briefly caught them from afar at Sunset Junction, but nothing beats seeing a band in its truest form, live and in person. I recommend checking them out one of these Mondays (for free) with Division Day on the 20th and Irving on the 27th.

The Bad: Finding my tire flat again. I need a car that floats. Stupid Jetsons will never happen, will they?


  1. Pancakes for dinner should never be categorized under "bad".


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