A different location will not change you

Today was probably a good day to not think of you.

I walked down Old Beach Road to Newport Beach stepping off the asphalt onto crunchy leaves as the occasional Audi passed by. It must be a New England thing where Audi is the car of choice.

The lazier folks drive down Mansion Row but I wanted to a take a walk along The Cliff Trail before it got too dark, before I got too drunk, before I reloaded your page again.

There is this point along the trail where a stairwell of 40 steps takes you right to the ocean at the edge of some rocks. Along piled slate walls and inch deep moss, I watch the tourists scrambled along the slippery rock formations - how little they know how close to death a mis-step might be.

A cute couple asks for directions and with my handy dandy map I show our location. "Everything is 10-15 minutes tops, I say with imagined authority, "You can't get too lost here in this tiny town."

It takes me 40 minutes just to make through Mansion Row and back onto Dunkin Donut row near the cometary, past the 18th century houses and back to my sisters flat. Oops

Last night was probably the worst night.
Looking out fogged up windows in a 20th century vehicle back from Providence, listening to 21st century XM radio. I wondered if the alone me 3000 miles from LA me has changed even a little.

Sunday evening 11.26.06


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