now with less slacking

Being unemployed is not sexy. But it is liberating, yeah liberating.

I was at wells fargo taking care of some legacy banking issues that I could've done years ago. Plenty of downtime spent sitting in an air conditioned bank was not a bad place to be that day. When the account setter-upper asked where I working I couldn't help but laugh at my answer: I'm not. Weird to be so open about it. Nothing to brag about but that's the new truth.

Speaking of...I've shared too much real info lately; I've whittled down to real. Reasons range from I've done little of the going out stuff to feeling all my little non-real thoughts where just so trivial. music, infatuations. who cares.

Well I do. For my new readers (KE? maybe...don't worry I have no idea who my lurkers are) and others welcome to my little imaginary world. This is not a diary though I do reveal parts of my life here, sometimes hidden, sometimes blunt and obvious. Mostly boring.

For example...

Skipped the Mountain Goats show in favor of visiting the Getty on Sunday. Lovely walk around the gardens with one guest fascinated, the other bored. Sometimes my social life and my real life intersect: last time was El*e and Gl*n a couple weeks ago at the natural history museum; this week it was an ex-local band member and since we don't now each other other than being within the same social group it was a quick, friendly visual acknowledgment before on to paintings of a rhino named Clara. Well she smiled and I gees I hope I smiled back. Split second thought of must. not. cross the beams of my private and public life but I'm always happy later when I do.

My private life is not a secret, just private.
And no Ash I don't do it to be mysterious.

So last night I see her again at Kiss or Kill and was going to say hello just for saying hello sakes but she kept walking away (to see the band, etc) before I could. Another time I guess - so in the off chance you read this, Hi.

Sorry this post is about nothing. Maybe my point was that I was going use this liberation to be less shy. hmm.

Random: I'm blogging at McDonald's (sunset/fountain) and some guy was yelling profanities to the cashier on his way out from the counter to the door on Sunset, and then from the doorway he chucked his soda across the whole restaurant in an amazing shot straight to the cashier's head. She ducked in time thankfully. crazy.


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