these are the days of my life

I bonded with bees last night.

Hipsters bees buzzed buzz inside Spaceland: "...did you catch the last band? wow they, she was great!" spoken in bathroom hallways, and " amazing voice!" repeated three ways by one on the main floor.

I couldn't agree more.


Tired of hiding the cigarette from myself in the little game of where did that come from? I find them a lot in my hands these days always sneaking up to my lips. Giving in to honesty: I'm smoking again.
The first step to quitting.


Noticed that brakes on ice cream trucks scream more than children. The bell tingles dingles as carts are pushed up my hill past couches and boys wasting summer evenings sitting on them. This is where I live.


Things have been wacky and yet still happy as an unemployed person can be right without hearing the elevator operator call out "Basement: Desperation, Breaking Out In Hives, and Self Hating." Thankfully not there yet. The curse of being happy go lucky to a fault.

Anyhow things have been suggested that I place this reminder again:

  • This is not a diary but a blog inspired by actual events.

  • My opinions don't mean crap.

  • I'm often wrong.

  • I love music but suck at music blogging. I owe so much to the cool music blogs; some are listed on the lorange blog myspace btw.

  • I'm anything but naive about bands, certain individuals I write about, or the scenes I frequent.

  • you don't know me anymore than I know you. I would like to change that.

  • oh JP, I will try to be less vague.


    1. Anonymous9:14 PM

      No, you won't. And that's okay too. :)


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