current reality

A partridge family of upper management walks into the office which the absentee owner never uses. I haven't seen him in at least two months.

The Office Manager calls me in and I allow her to sit first among the awaiting Director of Operations and Plant Supervisor. They look uncomfortable holding the table with downward stares.

I chuckle at seeing two envelopes on the desk.

"Oh this doesn't look good."

I stand within the nervous laughter for a moment then take a seat with a smile. Yup. ten years, three moves (Bay Area to Central California to the City of Industry and finally to Gardena), three different owners and I hear words never spoken to me before:

laid off

So I ask you internet strangers if you happen to know of any leads that my product manager skill base might lend itself to, please let me know. While I would love to join with someone to fund a new vitamin related company (already mentioned to the couple individuals I know) I have to be realistic and be open to any type of job in any industry right now. I think I would enjoy the change of scenery.

regular not completely real life posting to continue this week.


  1. That blows dude. So sorry!

    I can't think of anything right now...but will keep you in mind if something comes up.



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