kiss or kill 4th bbq

Don't use this flyer as a guide to set times.

A little bit of Kiss or Kill action at El Cid after work [Yes I'm working. Yes my company is lame - but I did have Monday off] and then I'll see you folks that I know at J's house later that night in EP for "...getting drunk, barbecuing, chair racing [down the street], domino-ing, breaking stuff, listening to soul music, doing the funky chicken, stumbling down to the lake for illegal fireworks, killing terrorists and civilians, claiming land in the name of manifest destiny and playing "i am a real american" by hulk hogan". See you there!

Posts from last year's party. Sadly my drunk audio blog (well the company that handled it) from that night went kaput.

Anyhow enjoy your holiday, drive safe, blah blah blah.


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