It was 2006 the last time I checked

She told him she liked his smile with the squint of her eyes signaling a step up from the playful flirting she interspersed while sipping from her coffee cup.

This is going well he thought.

"You did notice the gap right? And the 20 plus years of Pepsi has taken its toll too." He started to backtrack, "I mean thank you, but mine will never compare to yours"

She leaned back into the iron frame of the chair and returned only a smirk before speaking again. "I still like your smile and I like you."

"Well how you could not?" His hands reached up a bit as if holding a giant globe in front of him. "I mean really, I love myself so much,...'cause I am all that. How couldn't a near stranger at a bare minimum not like me or more realistically want to be just like me?"

With an Oh Really Look she responded, "You're a bit of brat, aren't you?"

"Yes. Yes I am."

Finished drinks in hand they made quick plans to watch a video at his house, both optimistic to an enjoyable night with a little making out. Off the curb and starting into parking lot he brushed along side of her wanting to be as close as possible to that smile which caught him. She noticed her arm tingle when his skin touched hers.

"That's my truck over on the far end over there." He pointed to the lone vehicle taking up two spaces.

It wasn't until they reached his truck when she realized how big of a mistake she just made.


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