This weekend shows 5.19.06

Tonight 5.19.06: Kiss or Kill @ Safari Sam's [updated 2pm]

[no Bangkok 5 tonight. Not surprised when I saw kids wearing their shirts this weekend]
The New Fidelity 12:30
The Rainman Suite 11:45-12:15
Bloodsugar 11:45-12:15
The Randies 11:00-11:30 [new & improved old favorite]
The Overnight Lows 10:15-10:45 [new favorite]
Nauty Pet 9:30-10:15 [new to me]

Seems like the Lava Lounge has been booking some good stuff lately. Good words being spread about their Anarchy in Hollywood punkish line-ups on Monday nights and a nice range of upcoming shows this weekend:

Tonight 5.19.06
she's your sister

Chicago rock that makes me smile.

with hockey, the whirling dervish, heard

Sat. 5.20.06
Seiko and Salome

(formally From Bubblegum to Sky) with meho plaza, we miss the earth, love you long time

Also a benefit show worth noting for Sat
From the band Earlimart:
    "'s a benefit for our friend Fyn Stec. he and his family have had some problems as of late. little 4 year old Fyn has been diagnosed with liver cancer, and is being treated here in l.a. at the children's hospital. tons of friends and family have been putting together benefits to raise money for fyn's treatment.

    So our very own Suzie Vlcek has spearheaded a "Ship Collective" benefit show. the lineup will include :

    Great Northern
    Tigers will Bite you
    and Earlimart (kinda stripped down, playing new/old/pretty/ugly songs)

    really hope you can make it out. please come early. i think we're playing first or second. ok. take care aaron

    May 20th El Cid Los Angeles
    $10 is the ticket price/ suggested donation ..and feel free to give more if you're pockets are feeling extra deep!"


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