Saturday was actually a good day

Goal was to see the bog people at the natural history museum but showed up to find hundreds escaping politely skipping the Bangles playing at the Coliseum for the Revlon Cancer awareness walk that earlier day.

From my vantage point in front of the giant screen outside the building, Susanne Hoffs still looks yummy. Great cause of course but how did "Walk like an Egyptian" ever become a hit anyhow and do they still have to torture me with it?

golden balls at the science centerWell due to the event the museum was opening late that day so time was spent milling around the rose gardens doing summersaults and the science center trying not to break any of the exhibits.

Next stop: Walt Disney Concert Hall

I sort of missed the turn I originally wanted to make when leaving and found myself heading into downtown instead. Been there at night so I figured it might be a whole new experience during the day.

There is no real difference in night time exploring over afternoon exploring the concert hall I'd discovered; even on a beautiful weekend the park and upper terraces were completely deserted. Except for my calves stiffening at one point walking down the stairs it was nice, mellow detour not worth taking ever again.

Final stop: Venice Beach also known as "Fuck driving East in traffic"

Walking back to the car parked off Rose after spending an hour on the sand with my jeans rolled up and our shoes piled safely behind us, it's a wonder why I'm not here everyday walking, reading on a bench, or walking along the water.

I think more kite flying after work is coming soon for me. Yeah I think I need that right now.


  1. I'm looking to hit up Venice Beach after work for some kite flying as well, just got hooked 4 weeks ago. I'm expecting a speedfoil rm6 (fourth kite in as many weeks) in the mail tomorrow. First kite is a Prism E3. Happpy flying.


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