the day after

Asain Customer: Hey Robert, it's Marshal.
Me: Hi Marshel. How are you doing today?
AC: Good. Good.
Did you enjoy the protest and the events yesterday?
Me: There was a protest yesterday??
[short pause]
AC: was a downtown. A big protest.
Me: Huh.
[longer pause]
AC: It went all day. It was big...
Me: I never heard anything about it.
[much longer confused pause]
AC: Uh is Antonio there?


  1. Just amusing myself.
    Really, how could I not know about it.

    Of course I have my opinions on the march and do believe that it succeeded in creating discussion on matter. Just amused (not offended) that my customer assumed that I attended because I am indeed Hispanic.

    All my mfg workers were there and I worked.
    Until I worked here, the only "illegals" I knew where my friends from England.

  2. Sorry the unrelated explanation attached to that comment. Figure I'd throw it in there and not waste a post about it

  3. Anonymous1:15 PM

    You're definetly a DICK!!!
    I heard rumors before but now I KNOW.

  4. Well I do have my moments, but then again don't we all?

    So why exactly am I dick?
    lorangeblog a_t gmail
    or go to my profile link and send me a message on myspace.
    or here.

    gees you used capital letters and everything so I'm curious to find out your thoughts.


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