seven hours on friday

I had the worse getting home at 3 am headache Saturday morning.

Sad thing is that my cinco de lamo was spent sober attending a fairly ordinary Kiss or Kill and playing driver to the upper reaches of the Sunset Strip where it was awfully dead for 10 pm on a Friday night. Compare to Echo Park an hour earlier with small families making their way up side streets to Sunset, passing taco trucks on the corner as strangers stood amused with their own stumble onto the sidewalk from a friend's car. The street was alive and good smelly from welcoming resturants compared to the sterile upper strip.

I parked in the lots behind Sunset and noticed how intersections with the right combination of sounds and city lights draw back to memories of visiting my parent’s old haunts in the Mission District before the suburbs claimed them. The strongest memory is meeting up with my dad’s old friend one warm winter evening, dropped the top on his large, dark gray Cadillac and cruised the neighborhood to see what had become of the bar/dance club my dad once owned.

Late 70s, seven year old images recalled: Stop lights, late night bakeries, friend’s names called out as they walked atop sparkle encrusted concrete, slowed by age and the slight slope of the block.

I was out in that part of town to met Ashley at the Gold Room where time was mostly spent watching a booth while friends smoked out front. Eventually Ashley popped in the 3.50 shot and beer, handshakes were given out in return to meet up later that night and we were off.

Hmm, what to say about Kiss or Kill? Missed the first bands, loved ucp, porterville seemed a little off (or was that the crowd?), thoroughly enjoyed the randies set even with the dodging of thrown tortillas. Got to say that they were having fun with the beer pouring, bandmember stradling up on stage. Silver Needle and the Rainman Suite shared a couple of dancers to line the stage during their sets, but only one looked like she was enjoying herself and the other looked bored as hell.

It was nice seeing the same flock of regulars and not so often folks such as dg, the <a href="" target="blank">jukebox cherry lips, and even the knitting factory girl making an appearance.

Question: Does it sound like I’ve been just a bit bored with the scene (not with the bands, or my friends) lately? Feel like it sometimes or maybe it’s more just me hanging back from the sticking my foot in my mouth with drunken words easing them further down my throat. Less drinking sometimes equals less interesting moments created by me and surprisingly more random ones:

When a girl not too well known rubs the top of my ear to push back the stray strands of hair.

When I used to care when another would stand next to me
with her little belly with drink and straw.
When there wasn’t even a hello this night.

When a hand slides off yours,
Her fingers traced swirls in your palm
and fades into the crowd before the warmth leaves.

Yeah like I said, a fairly ordinary night.*

*this is a joke - girls don't usually touch me.


  1. Anonymous7:50 PM

    You've seemed very mellow lately.

    (I know that's SOMEHOW a straight line for you, CheeseZombie. Bring it.)

  2. I wrote that because it appeared that they came in from the front door. I noted this odd because of the alley you mentioned and my awareness of it. I might be wrong, guess we could ask or did you already?

    most people don't bother with the archives, hence the links back.

  3. JP - SAID:
    You've seemed very mellow lately.

    (I know that's SOMEHOW a straight line for you, CheeseZombie. Bring it.)

    He's mellow because someone told him STAR TREK isn't real along with Santa Claus.
    Very Very Dissapointed.
    Him and me both.

  4. Anonymous2:13 PM

    start trek?

  5. Anonymous4:45 PM

    I knew I could count on you, dj.



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