Free Pat & Oscars in Irvine today

[Hey JP!]

Irvine location -- today (5.4.06) only
10.30 am - 4 pm
view complete info here and also on their website


  1. Anonymous4:12 PM

    done and done.

    i hold you personally responsible for the three pounds i gained today.

    great thanks!

  2. I hold you responsible for the weight they gained too.

  3. Anonymous8:27 PM

    I hold you reponsible for losing 2 minutes of my life reading your crap and 2 years off my life for me being angry about the 2 minutes I mentioned just 2 seconds ago.

  4. Anonymous1:49 AM

    I hold you responsible for the extra wear and tear on that surly person's "2" key.

  5. Surlyzombie can replace the 2 key, but I'll hold you responsible for his 2 hours of traffic to get to the store.


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