well that settles that

whoa hey stop notice
part 1: how can I not notice?

A month ago I sat there across from DG in a crowded mess of friends and chairs, both types of feet interlocked. I noticed more than warmth through my jeans with our calves pressed together with her skirt ending just above the knees as they lined up with mine.

What stood out to me was that I no longer was freaking the fuck out around her.

whoa hey stop notice - part 2

Friday at Kiss or Kill was mellow fun with a temporary patio set up outside. blah blah blah is this the end? blah blah blah. Strange part was my inner voice kicking in with the phrase "holding out" when triggered by some shared words among the group. Weird. Don't ask what it means - I couldn't tell you what my crazy internal voice is trying to tell me. Any ideas?

Saturday I slept all day and then flaked on the lava lounge show and the party out in the Valley. Evening wasted with my stupid writing hat on and scratched glasses. It didn't help what I was writing.

Sunday morning
By ten am I'd managed to eat two slices of pizza,
cook a batch of spaghetti,
two half breasts of chicken,
and picked some lemons the size a small child's head for lemonade. Extra sweet to burnish the taste of the vodka for a future night.

This morning: I'm the same and my spring distraction is no longer available for viewing I've come to find out. It happens.

Tonight: vodka and lemonade, extra sweet.


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