The Rentals on sale this Sat (5/13)

The Rentals

Live at Henry Fonda Theater
July 7th, 2006

    The Rentals new lineup features the original founding members Matt Sharp (ex-weezer) and Rachel Haden (that dog!) along with new members [duh. had no idea ;P..and talented too!] (vocals/ multi-inst), Ben Pringle (synth master), Lauren Chipman (viola/vocals) and Dan Joeright (drums).
    Worldwide dates are in the works. The Rentals will perform their first Los Angeles concert in over a decade, July 7th, at The Henry Fonda Theatre followed by two nights at the Yokohama Arena in Japan. The band hopes to hit the studio later this year to record a new full-length album for release in 2007.

Opening: ozma

$18 + roughly the cost of a kidney on the black market service charges at ticketmaster


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