There was a gorilla head at the bbq too

If I didn't have the worst hangover yesterday I might've posted something. But I did and now life is about catching up on work, on sleep, on remembering all the stupid things I said.

So far this is what is coming back to me:
Early evening bbq - check
Three hot dogs 'cause I'm pig - check
Five, maybe six bottles of wine - check
Two increasingly drunk trips to buy smokes- check
Falling off the chair, falling into dirt - check
Momentary belief that I was funny – check
Not feeling so well – ugh - check
Comfty couch crashing - check
(A little unsure but I think someone actually tucked me in too)

I also tortured my friends with the current mix cd in my car and Ashley is picky as fuck and only liked this one song by the New York band The Hong Kong. It's called Tongue Tied, kind of catchy, and off the forthcoming album produced by Ric Ocasek [on a side note (barely): The New Cars.

gorilla head here from earlier this week.


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