I'm Sorry

Damn I did it again!

I used a great post title like "I'm not going to lie" and offered a boring, phoned in, writing in my sleep, thank you with an inside joke post instead. I'm sorry. I love you people - even you Corey.

So it's no lie (which doesn't sound better than it's true, I'll confess) when I tell you I'm a lightweight when it comes to drinking. Tuesday I had three guinnesses (guinni?) and I felt great by number two.

It's no lie that I can drink more than that.
I'm lame, but not that lame.

It's no lie that I am that lame.

It's no lie that Chissum Worthington is a genius.
A genius compared to a chimp... save for the ones that know sign language. Those chimps will rule the world one day! It's no lie - I saw it on NOVA once.

It's no lie that I smiled during the whole set.
That doesn't happen often;
not because I don't smile, it was that good.

It's no lie that this blog hasn't been anonymous in a long time. I have no choice but to be ok with that. We all know that I'm not going to stop anytime soon and that is what my other blog is for.

Its no lie that want people to like me because of my minor issues and to some, my baggage (I love my baggage). It’s no lie I sometimes don’t let people get close enough to try.

It's no lie that I'm getting older, less conservative, wackier, and yes sometimes I am a dick.

It's no lie that I'm a little jealous of my friends or even the people I link to for one reason or another. It makes me try harder in my own little ways. This is good thing - for many years I lived numb to my own wants, dreams and artistic urges.

It's no lie that I originally wanted to be funny in this post and failed horribly. While it might not sound like it, I'm in a really good mood actually; I'm having the best time at work since Cort and I ran this place six years ago, I have great friends, I ate at Red Robin and stuck my feet into the ocean this week. I love the little things like that.

It's no lie that I don't have an ending to this post.


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