been trying to meet you

Thinking back to high school, I believe I would've done the same thing if I had the technology.
[Corey says this video has been around for a while
- whatever like I spend all my life online watching videos]
"Hey" by the Pixies as interpreted by two girls --
(Thanks to Tony Pierce for posting about the video first)

Slightly connected thought:

Back in 6th grade I was partnered up with this quiet nerdy kid on some project and since I was just as much of outsider (if not more so) I actually took the time to get to know him a bit.

We were talking about my Intellivision and sensing an interest in computers he pulled out his secret project that he had been working on in his free time.

So this kid in 1983 laid out a game he planned to develop as soon as technology would allow. You know, your typical multiplayer online role-playing game platform.

Now I wonder what game he created, if he IPO’d it on a company he founded, or did he just end up as another coke snorting programmer up in the Bay.

I’m not saying that all computer programmers are cokeheads btw.
Just the more productive ones I've met.


  1. when i was a kid i was obssessed with intellivision.

    i wonder if it still holds up.

  2. Thank you for the comment.

    You have no idea how much I pretty much worship your blog. I have a blog crush on the busblog...and xtx for more obvious reasons.

    A couple years ago I tried to get my old intellivision to work, but years of abuse and a damp garage took it's toll on the poor machine.


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