Sat 2.4.06

10 am: Disneyland yay!
11.10: Hey that's Kirstie Alley over there
She has lost a ton of weight!
12.30: You want how much for that slice of pizza?
12.50: Space Mountain is closed for how long?
4.00: Hey. Where's my sunglasses?
5.35: I'm sorry, there is no excuse for that haircut
6.00: I'm going to kill that stupid lady.
6.15: Coffee and food - all better now
10.30 I think my foot fell off somewhere


  1. The last time I went they had to close down Splash Mountain because there was some pot smoking going on

  2. Anonymous4:09 PM

    i cant believe you went to d-land without me. space mountain was closed because it sucks!!! it was totally exactly like the old space mountain, which i guess is not that bad cause it was awesome, but it sucks when you are expecting something cool, and you get nothing.


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