Help sponser a divorce

[Update: Ebay listing has been taken down]

Joe Dana, singer of Pu$$y-Cow sent out a request to help his friend Brien fund an exit plan to his marriage.

In exchange for the highest bid on his Ebay page, he offers the following deal to all online gambling sites any company:

When I sign my divorce papers, I'll wear your companies logo, put up a banner behind me, anything you want, I'll even let your lawyer handle the paper work. Can any casino say they ever gave someone a "good" divorce? Well they can now.

What about my first date as a single guy? I'll drive your company logo on a car, I'll wear your logo on a hat, shirt, pants, bag. You can even pick the woman and the place. If you have company cars all decked out, I'll drive the thing for a year. Really, anything, try me.

Help me rebuild my life, from my room to my health. wait, I smell reality TV!

Full Ebay post here
(current bid: $11.61)


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