Yes I made it to work by six this morning. In fact I was here at 5.30 so why not start writing stuff. Whatever stuff.

This is Bill the Gnome -->.
See? Whatever.

After the show [ this one at Highland Grounds] I was explaining to friends how much fun I had watching the music by Mike Schnee, the spoken word parts by Becky something and Krista something and the wonderful Rob Z as I stood against the wall. The tables were already full groups of friends and couples finishing their dinners and though alone I felt that this is was a perfect valentines outing. This is the type of deal I would do on Valentines with someone if there was a someone, but I think it came out sounding lonelier than I meant.

Random stuff because I’m not quite awake:

Like a picture of me on the right --- >
I hate pictures of me. This one didn't break the camera so I'll post it.

No food, no drinks, but a cigarette enjoyed a little too much while looking into brown eyes.

Thought I would make introductions and then realized how stupid that would be.

Related: I used to have a better sense of people, but since whiskey girl (an insignificant thing) I have doubted my spider senses. Possibility of being way off base: Quite real.

End random

I hope most of you survived your evening alone, with your love, with the Ex, or just among friends. It was a beautiful day in Los Angeles and what could’ve been better than that?

Nothing except a flash mob pillow fight!


  1. i want to be in a flash mob.

    where do i sign up?

  2. Anonymous12:59 PM

    That is a very handsome piture of you.
    i miss you guys.

  3. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Was the Highland Grounds thing fun? I wish I went to that. Otherwise my V-Day night was eh. Yawn.

  4. xtx: I will be in any flash mob that you're in. Good question, doesn't seem to be to many in LA - well I never hear of them happening, but if I do I let you know. That pillow fight looks like so much fun.

    m/nik/what happen to Chloe?: aw thank you. Are you doing lebowski fest? I can't make it, but maybe a Porterville show soon.

    Caroline: I'm sorry your Eastside drinking was just so-so. There seemed to be strange vibe last night, I wonder if it affected your night too.

    It was fun, in low key way. A good supportive crowd of strangers, friends, and friends of friends. Haven't seen a few folks since mid December, so that was nice. I think V-day is in the back of the mind of single folks, no matter how much we say it isn't.

    Ash: maybe we'll just take pictures of my hands, because I have spirit fingers.

  5. Anonymous10:21 AM

    There totally was a strange vibe, kicked off by horrendous rush-hour gridlock. But, yeah, it seemed like every place we went to there were just large groups of single girls having lonely cocktails. Are there more single girls than men? If so, that really sucks.

  6. Hey what happen to my last comment?

    Anyhow I wrote something about hearing the ratio of available men to available females was something like 3:1.

    Thinking a lot of single guys just stayed home for the night.


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