today is tuesday

radiofree silverlake has a better list than I do for the whole week so I'm just going add (and repeat) a few things:

  • Jessica Dobson @ The Prospector $3 10pm (see flyer)
    with Ghost Town Jenny and Cavil at Rest
    Also it might be the only venue with a stage smaller than the Lava Lounge in Hollywood.

  • Caroline (who is more swell than I could ever be) on Crack wrote about this thing already but since my friend Corey is bugging me to go I'll mention it again:
    Comedy Death Ray show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre with special host Patton Oswalt, special guest Sarah Silverman and only five bucks (limited tickets at the door - maybe.)

  • Hell Ya! night at the Echo with Birdmonster, Wired All Wrong, The Drawing Board (see flyer)

  • Radio Free Silverlake presents: Tigers Can Bite You, The Black Pine, Let's Go Sailing. (see flyer)

  • The Waking Hours, Bang Sugar Bang, Get Set Go @ Key Club - Free

    The Waking Hours have been closing out their sets this last year with an amazing cover of LL Cool J's song "mamma said knock you out" and nearly did so to some guy at a show a couple weeks ago with a flying guitar. I turned to my friend and said that song is going to kill them one way or another. Andy has the best review of them playing this song a year ago.

  • Midnight Movies at Safari Sam's - curious to see how they sound now that the singer is no longer doing double duty as the drummer.
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