Kiss or Kill 2007

[I hope this year is better: Cooper is booking again = good thing]

The first Kiss or Kill of 2007 will be starting on their new night (Wednesday) at the same old location Safari Sam's.

Also new is the kissorkillclub blog. What is the same is the website and myspace.

I would normally say look for this sign on Sunset Blvd. this Wednesday:

But it looked liked this yesterday (burnt):

Anyway the line up is as follows:

The Automatic Music Explosion 9:30-10:00,
The New Fidelity 10:15-10:45, Silver Needle11:00-11:30,
Underwater City People 11:45-12:15, Midway 12:30 no midway :(

KorK is still booking the first three acts before Metal Skool on the first Monday on every month . Feb 5ths show (get in free info the kork site) line up is: Steel 9 pm, The Letter Openers 10 pm, Porterville 11pm, and then (who cares) Metal Skool at midnight.

Porterville is so frigging fun live but what will the not so broad minded rock fans (not all rock fans are like this of course) think of this song? Well they are paying 15 bucks to see a hair metal cover band perform in tights.

Porterville - "Fine Street" (youtube link)


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