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If you've read this blog long enough, you'll already know that I have special place in my heart for meat. Specifically the bacon and swiss hamburgers that I try to use as comfort food. Often I find a double bacon cheeseburger from Jack in the Box makes a fine substitute for loneness when in a pinch.

So I thought I might change it up a bit and forgo my slurry relationship with my local drive-thru and enjoy dinner with someone who thinks I might be interesting and worthwhile. Well at least potentially interesting and worthwhile.

Her choice was Real Food Daily (site ~ yelp), a well know vegan restaurant in West Hollywood she liked to bring her meat eating friends to.

Lucked out with parking in front and were seated immediately in the nearly full restaurant next to the giant yellow painting in the back. Our waiter was friendly as we started off with Nori Maki rolls (just alright) as a starter and very helpful with suggestions when ordering our entrees, such as switching out the tufu sour cream with their cheese sauce on the Tac-o' the Town (Two crispy corn tacos stuffed with seasoned seitan topped w/ shredded lettuce and tofu sour cream served w/ Spanish rice, black beans, guacamole & pico de gallo $12.95). I ordered the TV Dinner (Baked loaf of tempeh, vegetables, herbs and spices served with mashed potatoes, gravy & fresh seasonal vegetables 11.95) which seemed bigger and looked better in real life than pictured here. Damn tasty too.

Finished it off with the peanut butter/chocolate (dairy free of course) cake which we told wouldn't be more smooth than as rich as one would expect. Not having a sweet tooth like some folks this suited me just fine.

As a meat eater I can easily recommend this place for dinner for carnivores and I hear that their version of pancakes and bacon for brunch even impresses most vegans on their first visit.

This place gives vegan food a good and tasty name.

Real Food Daily (also in Santa Monica)
414 N. La Cienega Boulevard (a couple blocks north of the Beverly Center)
Los Angeles, CA 90048 --- (310) 289-9910

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  1. Kim and Audrey will DIE tonight, and Jack will be hell-bent on revenge.


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