Corey likes Meiko

Artist: Meiko (myspace)
Song: ? I'm not sure what song this is actually
Why: Two reasons 1) she's playing a show tonight 2) raspy voices are sexy

Small town Georgia girl who has played a few nights on the Hotel Cafe Tour, which I assume is where Corey saw her first. Corey has nose for cute, young girls. I mean Corey has a good sense for talent when he sees it.

video link

01.03.07 @ Hotel Cafe, 8pm, with Noah Rothschild and Joe Purdy $5
01.15.07 @ Room 5 in Hollywood
Songwriters in the round - with Sally Jaye, Jay Nash and Sonia Leigh
1.17.07 Crane's in Hollywood
01.26.07 @ The Gypsy Den in Santa Ana


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