we are just slightly evolved primates

We all have our vices, our interests, our little kinks. I am no different than you though I only play one on TV. Some days I wished this was anonymous. Some days I wish I could confess.

Boy have I done some dumb things in my life.

This morning I worried about a stranger:
Been there. Done that I would say.


Some days I wished I was younger.
This morning the internets offered up a new picture and I swooned*


Spent Saturday at the zoo with my scarf wrapped around my neck and hands inside my jacket. We stood by this Dad and his two kids watching a group of deer related animals watch us, probably curious as to why these creatures were staring at them as they ate. I don't really know if this is true; I'm not deer related.

The dad and kids walked slowly along the pen and the deer related animals started to track them with suspicion. We continued behind them.

Dad picks his son up for a better view over the fence.

"Look, they're watching us. You see? They are looking at you."

The boy locks eyes with one of the animals.

"Daddy, why are they watching us?"

"Because they want to eat you," Dad deadpans.

The boy pauses.
I see him then smile with the realization that Dad is somewhat retarded.

This morning I'm still laughing about this moment.

* not about DG


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