boring things

1) The council has spoken and a change to the banner has been made.
(see comments on previous post)

2) Hey it's national de-lurking week (link @ but I already know a good portion of people who read this and I'm not sure how much de-lurking will be revealed today.

I can only guess at the handful of regulars that actually click through daily. I like you strangers the best; you're a probably as big as a blog voyeur as I am.

...anyhow if you want to de-lurk, cool.

3) music is not agreeing with me lately

So I wasn't feeling all that great last night before I went out for a show and a couple hours later I wished that I just stayed home instead. Walking nearly a mile to the venue - uphill - didn't help a set that bored me out of my mind. I had missed the more entertaining opener and I bailed when the line up was changed, placing the best band on last.

So I saw only one band play. The boring one.

I like this band but their live show is only a faint shadow of years ago when it was just a three piece with stronger drug habits.


Thursday should be better.
Today is laundry.


  1. Anonymous4:45 PM


  2. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Okay, okay, I read your blog. You got me. Color me delurked.

  3. I already know who you two are - well JP of course and sorta xTx. I was hoping for complete strangers.

  4. I am lurking IN your computer. Like Fuckin' TRON, let me out, I'm here with that Lebowski guy, only a younger version.

  5. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Dude, I was joking. I comment, like, twice a day. ;)

    In the future I'll try to make my "jokes" "funny."


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