I just wanted this weekend daze to be over with

5.45 am this morning:

My coffee mugs holds 2 cups if filled to the Brim. My coffee mug is never filled to that point and this morning wasn't any different . This morning I sat by my wall heater drinking my 1.5 cups of coffee of the day. This is all I ever drink coffee wise but six cups of soda is possible every other day; maybe three cups if you average it out.

I was in mood Friday night (couldn't you tell?) and thought it better to drink one cup of wine before bed. Skipped the Midway show, skipped the last Mormons show ever (playing with 8 Bit and only two blocks walking distance) and neither was enough to forget my one cup of wine as I sat by the space heater.

Saturday night I went out to the Saturday Double Feature at the ACME Comedy Theatre by myself for some sketch comedy. Loved the actor who played the Dentist in Bravo company show and was quite amused by the short form skits put on by Charlie company which were a little more silly in nature. I was looking forward to seeing my friend afterwards but my body was telling me otherwise so I left early to feel ill on my bed for an hour. So now they probably think I'm a flake though I texted a note explaining the situation and feel asleep with my phone in my hand just in case they wrote back. Nothing woke me up that night. Nothing rang through on my phone the next day except my mom who must be able to sense my mood from six hours away.

I shopped at the Target and Alberstons on Sunday and at each place the cashier started to ring my stuff with the customer ahead of me. The older Armenian ahead of me chuckled as I apologized to the cashier for not paying attention though I did place a divider between his cherry coke and my one can of mushrooms and one can of cream of mushroom soup.

Apparently I really like mushrooms.


  1. funny how your daily life mundanes make me smile...

    and about missing that show, i've been missing a few myself, it's a strange feelings, and yet everything goes on just the same.

  2. Go Betty Go is Gone Betty Gone, from the Los Abandoned show on Thursday. Ha - me thinks me funny!


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