Please keep me away from myself.

I've been day dreaming again and I finally figured out the why. It's times like this that I foolishly think I want a girlfriend. The idea I can handle having one is ridiculous and explains that I haven't had a date with a complete stranger in almost two years.

I just don't date.
Then again I swore that I didn't do the Funky Chicken dance either but my current header pic above shows my head (with a confetti speck) right there on New Years doing just that.

So I'm just full of it.
I need a drink I think. A quick snag of a drag of a lip sticked rimmed cigarette maybe. Or not. I don't smoke, I don't smoke anymore I remind myself. Ideally she doesn't either. "Ideally" - I think that is my problem right there. Ideally is tall/short/blond/black hair blue/brown eyed artsy, smarty singer/writer/painter/welder? female who (and this is the kicker) is willing to put up with my crap.

I'm fucking losing my mind this week.

this post is probably going to be deleted


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